RCMT for Cyprus region from 1977 to present

We analyzed digital seismic records inorder to extend back in time the catalog of regionalcentroid moment tensors (RCMTs) for the Cyprusregion. Wecomputed 18 new regional CMTs of earthquakes ofmoderate magnitude (4.8≤M≤5.5) which occurred inthe Cyprus region for the time span 1977–1996 (red focal mechanisms in map). The complete focalmechanism database contributed to better define thedeformation styles in the study area. New RCMTs support the hypothesis thatCyprus is located in the middle of the transition from subduction to continental collision along theAfrica–Arabian–Eurasian boundary. See Imprescia et al., 2011, J SeismolDOI 10.1007/s10950-011-9254-7 to read more about.

All new RCMTs for Cyprus region (Eastern Mediterranean) are available in the following formats:

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Please reference these data as:

P. Imprescia, S. Pondrelli, G. Vannucci & S. Gresta, 2011. Regional centroid moment tensor solutions in Cyprus5 from 1977 to the present and seismotectonic implications, J. Seismol., DOI 10.1007/s10950-011-9254-7.




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