European-Mediterranean Regional Centroid-Moment Tensors

These pages host various information on seismic source characteristics in the European and Mediterranean area. Our main product is a (routinely updated) catalog of seismic moment tensors for this region. You can also read a short description of the rationale of our project.

The seismic moment tensor is a complete description of the earthquake size and source geometry. The Centroid Moment Tensor (CMT) is a reliable method for calculating moment tensors, by which the Global Centroid Moment Tensor Project systematically studies global seismicity. We use instead a modified algorithm (modelling intermediate-period surface waves) to compute Regional CMTs (RCMT) for moderate-magnitude events, not well studied at global scale.

Do you want the recently updated Italian CMT dataset, including nearly 40 years of CMTs and RCMTs? click here


Please reference all these data as:

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European-Mediterranean Regional Centroid Moment Tensors is a joint project between scientists from Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (Rome, Italy) and of the Global Centroid Moment Tensor Project 

We are: Silvia Pondrelli, Simone Salimbeni, Göran Ekstrom, Meredith Nettles, Andrea Morelli, Enzo Boschi, Adam M. Dziewonski.

Material displayed in these pages is organized by Silvia Pondrelli and Luca Postpischl (send us email for any question or comments).