In this page the list of several groups of RCMTs computed for earthquakes belonging to a singular seismic sequence or a particular sub-region of the European Mediterranean area or sharing the type of seismic source (e.g. tsunamigenic).


- downloadable RCMTs belonging to the 1976 Friuli seismic sequence (Pondrelli, S., G. Ekström, and A. Morelli, 2001, Seismotectonic re-evaluation of the 1976 Friuli, Italy, seismic sequence, J. Seismol., 5, 73-83.)


- downloadable RCMTs belonging to the L'Aquila 2009 seismic sequence (Pondrelli, S., S. Salimbeni, A. Morelli, G. Ekström, M. Olivieri and E. Boschi, 2010, Seismic moment tensors of the April 2009, L’Aquila (Central Italy) earthquake sequence, Geophys. J. Int., doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2009.04418.x)

- donloadable RCMTs for Cyprus Region (P. Imprescia, S. Pondrelli, G. Vannucci & S. Gresta, 2011. Regional centroid moment tensor solutions in Cyprus5 from 1977 to the present and seismotectonic implications, J. Seismol., DOI 10.1007/s10950-011-9254-7)

- donloadable RCMTs for tsunamigenic events (Pondrelli, S., Ekström, G., Morelli, A., Primerano, S., 1999. Study of source geometry for tsunamigenic events of the Euro-Mediterranean area. In International Conference on Tsunamis, 297-307, UNESCO books, Paris, 1999)



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